How to Choose the Best Halloween Costume


In English the direct transition of disfraces is disfraces de carnaval which are the plural of the word costume.The word is in Spanish which means a costume that’s fancy mostly worn on events such as the Halloween.  The celebration is marked by funny dress mode by children and adults in the eve of October 31st giving away candy and other presents door to door. The mode of dressing by people nowadays is exhibited by different types of costumes that people never thought would be dressed in broad day light. People are getting comfortable by day with their bodies, and the showcase have been exhibited by some celebrities in the whole world. It all depends on the event to choose a certain mode of dressing or a certain costume.  Peers have been known to influence many things in a person and statistics have also proven that the dress code is one of the things.The 21st century has experienced a lot of change in fashion and trends where exhibition of the weird clothing have been tried on.In addition to peers affecting one’s costume, ones also geographical place may affect the mode of dressing. Some religions, however, living in the heart of the cities where influence is at its peak, have remained adamant to change.Our old parents who were born before the revolution of clothing are rigid on their way to the dress code they prefer.

Tienda de disfraces all started in the open market in the early centuries were all kinds displayed and now the business has revolutionalized to indoor stalls. Businessmen/women have seen success in the clothing industry through creativity. There’s a dynamic nature of fashion which people can never predict what the trends will be the next day, therefore, requires innovative business woman.  Human beings will always want to keep on track due to their insatiable property of human needs. People need not to walk all the way for with the online services there have been sales and delivery.

The Halloween era has people dressing in the most gothic and unpredictable ways, revealing some of their best characters or people they adore they have once seen in the movies.  Just before the Easter kicks in, in the period of Lent there’s a festival known as the carnival.  Masks are worn hiding their facial identity and their representation in the reality.  Costume sellers make a large profit in the carnival season and the Halloween season.  Costume makers will move to densely populated areas with people of the Anglican and Methodists religion for the sale of the outfits.



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